Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Warehouse wedding

This weekend was so full of goodness. Hope yours was too. We started with Andrea and Scott's wedding reception at this charming local warehouse. Stone Mill, actually. Many of those here locally, but none used as this! So fun. Here you will see the bride and groom from behind, Anna and I hiding behind hydrangeas at our table, and the cute little cardholder that I made, if I do say so myself! Jill Ruth was the starting point of this great idea, and so many more. I hope you will check her out. Have a lovely week! More crafting inspiration to come. Sending rest, peace and air conditioning my friends!! XO

Oh, just noticed............check out the mother of the bride at the cake table before anyone arrived...........the long camera shot of the tables. She is such a quiet little presence. Love her dearly! She is a gentle and strong one. Nothing like the heart of a Mama..........and at her daughter's wedding too. Bless you little "Mama of daughers" hearts this week, as well!!


Jill said...

You did a great job on the card holder! It was fun wasn't it? Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

That bird cage card holder is the best! I love both yours and the one Jill made as well. Such a spendid idea!

Sweet pic of you and your daughter too!

Sounds like you all having the same hot and humid weather that Atlanta has been having. It is miserable doing any work outside. I can't even imagine how those who work outdoors can take it for hours on end.