Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brave girls everywhere set goals

Some of the neat things in the Prize package I'm using in the Soul Restoration 2 online class.

Although there are several "projects" to this class, the journal is near and dear to me of course!

I'm reminded again, that unless I "name" my time, and set the goal my time is frittered away and my passions are untapped, and unused for myself and those around me to benefit from.

Not just art passions, but heart passions too. Things that are uniquely ours that we desire or want to nourish and cultivate. I've heard it said before, and say it all the a trapeeze artist ~one must let go of one bar to extend their full reach to the next. I have been swinging on one bar far too long. Whether that bar represents additudes, past ouchies, or literal things, habits and perhaps unhealthy relationships........I imagine the next bar will surpass anything that was intended or expected from the last bar, don't you think?! Sending all you brave girls a big hug and encouragement for a week to soar high! XOXOX and love!


Whosyergurl said...

Cherie, I agree. Sometimes you have to name it and claim it. I did a little art today! And a "before and after" that I will share on my blog, soon.
xo, Cheryl

thetruevine said...

I am working SO HARD at this right now!

Pamela Jane said...

Cherie, I hope you are moving toward the goal you voiced during our weekend at Mary's -- and that I'll be hearing more about it soon! :) Keep reaching!!