Monday, July 11, 2011

Hunt, gather, paint.........popsicles and pooch.

The camera was so misty when we hit the outdoors with this heat advisory! Crazy hot!

Hunting and gathering our nature artifacts to paint and stamp texture.

An artistic fun day when Kingdom Camp comes to play! Cheyenne and all her sweet class kiddos came to tour my art room today and learn about artists and art.......making a little of their own. It was so much fun. Love to see these fresh young minds at work....uh play. yes, PLAY!

I think the pictures tell all about the day just great! Photos supplied by my artist girl, Anna!

Hope you are enjoying your Summer day and staying cool my friends! Art rocks! I think a nap would OK now, don't you?? xoxo


Anonymous said...

Creating with kids=fun AND nap-inspiring! :-)

Hope said...

You inspire so many with your art. It is truly lovely to see. This post made my heart sing.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! Looks like old Trueman enjoyed camp too! So special of you to inspire and share your talents with these kids! It is always amazing to see the world through the eyes of children!

charlotte said...

looks like so much fun!