Friday, July 15, 2011

Corn Dog

Have some fun with your camera outside this weekend! Make your shadow "do" something and photogragh it.

Try positioning your camera very low up into some kind of vegetation.

Mix unusual ready for anything that catches your eye and imagination!

Try photos in the morning light by positioning your camera at unusual angles. This sweet light was not from a setting, and didn't even look good on my camera screen. I was totally excited when I downloaded the pictures though! From CornDog to AngelDog.

Enjoy and acknowledge your sweet surroundings this weekend, my friends! Whether it be from a cornfield, with Loved ones, or even in a Hospital room. There is beauty all around. There is. XOXOX


Anonymous said...

Hello long lost friend! I'm so beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehind on blogging and my google reader! But what a FUN post you've put up today, dear! Trueman has always been an angel, are you just now realizing that?!!! It is fun to play with a camera, isn't it?

Hope you're having a wonderful summer, Cherie! Xo, Sue

stephanie said...

Oh my...the sun just flowing over Truman---Beautiful photo...

Hope said... the 'Light'.