Friday, November 19, 2010

Kisses and Prayers for Cassie

Cassie and I have been childhood friends for a lotta good and bad times. I even named my third daughter after this special girl. Sorry to say, this one of those bad times though. I'm sharing so that we can all pray for her family. They are safe, and I am so thankful.
They lost everything in a house fire early this morning. Everything. And If I understand correctly, they got out barefoot and coatless and yes, thank Sweet Jesus they got out. Still trying to wrap their heads around it. Thankyou for your prayers and enjoy your sweet home sweet home this weekend girlfriends:)


Anonymous said...

I will add Cassie and her family to my prayer list!

miss lynn said...

ohhhhh cherie!

Cassie Fulton said...

I love that you had your picture taken in your matching coats, so sweet! Love you Cassie Jo #1 :) Note to mom: I am your second daughter, hehe!