Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Important announcement!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled (Silver Bella) program to bring you this special announcement!! It is the amazing and talented~ Piper Cohen's birthday!!!!
And we admit, your friends who love you~ totally messed up. We feel awful. Will you please forgive us Piper?? We both had big gooseeggs on the calandar. How could we forget to write down such an important day?? How about the study we are doing on guilty conscious this week?? Big red target on our backs maybe?? No excuses though............we messed up. Please forgive us. Will you let us make it up to you with a rockin' Bella craft and a snack this Friday at 10:00?? Next Tuesday if not?? Oh we hope so. We think you are the cat's meow! Enjoy today!
Love you dearly,
Cherie and Anjie


Sue@MyArtsDesire said... sweet! Happy B.DAY to your friend, Piper! Birthday celebrations are meant to be stretched out for days and days perhaps you should think of yourselves as good stretchers instead of late. grin.
xo, sue

Cherie Wilson said...

Oh such wise words Sue!........ and just so you know, Piper does forgive us. She stays close to the father and knows who her peeps are and we are without a doubt flawed. She loves us anyway. This is true Love. In fact, I have forgotten many of my dear friends birthday's this year. I'm going to make a point to gather those dates now.....and to always transfer my calendar, lest I loose my mind!! XO