Monday, March 22, 2010

Girls retreat

I promised to tell you about the girls weekend from 3 weeks ago.........shew this traveler has got to stay home for one minute this week! Actually, I would leave for this dream place again in a heartbeat and wanted to share it with you all. Miss Connie greeted and treated us with her warm Southern Hospitality all weekend. Oh my, and her food..............the dining experience looking out of the back of this hilltop 4,000 sq foot beauty was spectacular. Oh and of course the reason we there went.......other than Girlfriend time was to satisfy our artful hungers! Or perhaps, just get us reved up enough to want more. Anjie (left) did some sweet granddaughter pictures in her albums (I know, doesn't look like a grandma does she?). Piper who is on the right got a bazillion pages done and every one of them was spectacular. These gals pour a lot of love into their scrapbooking art. I poured it into this stitching thing I seem to be obsessed with right now! so very fun. Check out Teresa McFayden's class here. By all means check out Miss Connie's scrapbook/art retreat here. Everything Lovely surrounds her divine place:) More on stitching later.............hope your day is artfully inspired!

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