Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Girl Can Change The World

I wanted to introduce my Friend Claudia's new book to you!!
One girl can change the world can be found here at Amazon.
I love it!! Although I"m leading a marvelous group of High School girls through it, it is truely for each of us. Ages 8 to 88! You will see more in the days and the weeks to come..........but for now enjoy this quote on page 9 of One girl, by Nicole Johnson.
"No one but God can recognize you fully. No one but God can love you so completely. No one but God can fulfill your heart's deepest desires. No one but God can name you Princess." (From Princess with a Purpose) I love it that because He is King, and we are his, then we are called, rightfully so, "Princess." Have a Royal day friends!!


Stephanie O. said...

I'm looking forward to reading Claudia's book. Hoping to make it by SOCC for her book signing on the 4th...Hope you are doing well!

icandy... said...

What a great thought.... I'd love to read that one!