Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anna you creative monster you!!

This girl is a little crazy creative, don't you think? It is so much fun having a creative kid to play with this Summer! This candle holderwas her idea., totally. She wouldn't even let me look at it until she was done. Her inspiration came when she and I went to the flea market where I found the gems............she found these old red candlesticks. They had a really sweet embossed paper lining that I peeled off and put on one of my Journal of Interest page you will find on this site as well. (upper right hand corner) It's the one with found objects from a magazine. Teresa McFayden is a great art teacher on line and inexpensive if you would like to come play! Just click on her purple name above for her website and it will take you to Paper Bella to sign up for classes. Most are just $20.00! This is for beginners as well as long time art enthusiasts.
Have a ball!!!!!!!!!

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