Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anna and Abby

These girls happen to be great friends. Here they were at the Fair yesterday just before Abby (one the left) had her Swine show. Now I don't remember ever seeing much of the swine show, although we have several friends with all kinds of animals in the Fair each year...........but this year, Anna and I watched intently and I learned quite a bit. There was a seemingly very intelligent Judge ( a dapper young fella in his late 20's, I'm guessing) who quickly spoke about each pig as they were released into the arena. Things about their flanks, their stoutness, how level they were and so many, many things I can't remember. The one thing that did stick with me that he said was this, and I thought I would share it today.......... The judges voice slowed down just a minute during one show and he said,, Now the good Lord is the only one who can make a perfect pig. Although, we've seen some nice ones. Still, even if we did see the perfect pig, I'm not sure we would be smart enough to recognize one.
Now that just struck me and I can't get it out of my head! I was also thinking that, like his comment...........God is the only one who can make a perfect person...........and he only made one! I sure hope we can recognize our Jesus, but as for me, I can honestly say there have been times, I haven't "been smart enough" to. In good times and bad, fast and slow, happy and sad, He is always there and I hope I can be smart enough to recognize him. I also hope I can remember he didn't make any of us perfect. Not one. That is what grace is for. I hope your summer days are blessed and you are squeezing all you can out of this day! If not, His mercies are new every morning! Be blessed.

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