Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello Dolly

Just sending out a little art inpsiration with my Dollys view of my front yard from my Art room window. I've been working in there, here and there this past week. Found some cute inpsiration for organizing the closet........getting ready for the "back to school" hours around here when I can create a bit more. Dolly's friend is quiet as a church mouse when I sit in front of him and create. Right now there is cardboard crown sitting there............just wanting to be cutsied up! Not to wish Summer away, but I'm itching for some art time here girls, how about you?? What cha itching for???

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Stephanie O. said...

It's been a fun summer, but only 1 week until the angels don their new tennies, throw their backpacks on their backs, and head off to new adventures! And, new adventures for me too! Can't wait to do more of the "special touches" for my family and friends that I have been too busy to do the past 2 years....Oh, and do I even need to mention the thousands of dollars of scrapbooking materials that are just waiting to be put to use!!! Love ya, Cherie!!