Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Charlotte Lyons Stitch Kit

Charlotte provided excellent kits with this old quit, linens, bird pattern,embroidery floss,and best of all her own new fabric line! 

 Awwwww Ma Mere Cherie..... her fabric has my name on it!!  Sweeeeeet! 
 Surprise, Dearest Charlotte!  I used one of her regifted (to me) thrift finds.... a silverware roll to add another fabric element and something I have always wanted to do.......
 .......Create a stitch-on-the-go kit!!  The kit that inspired me was by Rebecca Sower and was showcased in Somerset.  Hers was in a vintage travel case. So pretty, but I love this softie one.
The silverware roll added a place to store bits and baubles for future projects in plastic tubes.

  A deep pocket full of ribbons, and a wider pocket for projects started.  Hmmm now let me see....
Isn't that Rebecca's stamp in there?  Why yes, it is! Going to embroider that next.......and finish her project from French Generals The Art of Craft Weekend.  Yes, it too will be in this front pocket, along with many more stitching projects in the future.  Thank You Charlotte for such a precious piece!  Other than Trueman, I see is as my new constant companion.  Love this artful journey, don't you?? XO


Anonymous said...

Hey Cutie Pie, It was so great to see you at French General! I wish I had been better focused and chatted with you more. I miss seeing you Indiana girls, but at least I got to rub shoulders with you briefly. I love how your stitching project turned out; I'm still working on mine!

xoxo Julie B.

Katey said...

This is so cute!! AND useful!!! I really really like it. I started stitching Charlotte's little banners with a friend and my mom (who happens to be a friend too) We have so enjoyed stitching together. Great project. Katey

Jen Kershner said...

Amazing! Creative and functional. My favorite combo!