Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pam Garrison's Souvenir Journal at French General

Thought i would share a few bits of a paper book we created at Kaari Meng's event at French General.  The Art of Craft teachers were just great!!  Rebecca Sower, Charlotte Lyons, Pam Garrison, Molly Meng, Jenny Hart, and Arlene Baker.  I am as much fascinated with their art as their own unique artist craft and their journey to where they have come today.   I will post a project a week in February, starting with Pam Garrison's Souvenir Journal today!
We had sweeeeet kits full of goodness and even a little hand painted paper Pam created.  What I love about Pam is that she has a very intuitive style and color is her strong suit. Her art reveals her fun and bubbly self , yet her refined voice as well as authenticity as an artist. She is insistent (as a teacher) on letting one thing "inform the next" ~which I find true myself .  I was so glad to sneak 5 minutes with Pam and share our love of this intuitive painting that has stolen my heart.  Pam and I share the love for Art journaling and stitching as well.  Good thing Pam is not my neighbor, I would never get anything done!  Hope to see Pam again in this beautiful Art journey. You can find her *here!* Sending love to all my inspired friends today!  See you next week here in blog land again (I promise!) XOXO   


Pam said...

Cherie, you are too cute! I am so glad that we got to have a few moments to discuss our passions for painting, and am so happy to see you've finished your book! Class always goes by so quickly, that time for visiting and finishing is rare. I look forward to your other posts from all the other classes. xoxPam

Anonymous said...

Hey! What a treat to see you surface among the pages of my google reader! Loving the looks of that journal☺ Will look forward to seeing the other treasures you created at the French General getaway. Go, Cherie, GO! xo Sue