Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Words for good

Loving the "paint your story" by sweet Mindy Lacefield  (more photos to follow this week) Check out Mindy's class with the toolbar button on this blog. The above photo is a stitched journal of mine.  In  art, and like so many artists, we can choose the words that speak to us and use them in our pieces to connect with self and others.
These past two weeks, I can also say that I am noticing the power of words around here and very personally.  The power to build up and sadly, the power to tear down.  Just this week alone.........
  • The loved one healing from cancer, and starting radiation.
  • The teenager in our high school lost.  so sadly. 
  • The Teacher allegations that destroy.   
  • The husband lost by our artist friend Natalie, who is across the miles, but close in our hearts.
So many good healing words.........then some not so good. Precious are you ones who are speaking life, and not just gathering knowledge.  Knowing that: it is what I soak up, that I pour out.  This is art.  Pouring out what we soak up, don't you think?
And to end this post, I wanted to share lovely words that Pamela wrote to me recently (and we tried it in French and adored it!)............ xoxo for a great week with good company!
 l'art prospère à la bonne compagnie
    Art thrives in good company

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natalie said...

Been thinking about you...lots of love, Natalie