Friday, May 25, 2012

Recipe for Bridal Shower Invites

 Ingredients: Bulk leaves found in wedding section at Michaels
                    Premade cards and envelopes at Hobby Lobby
                    Wilton cake decorating doilies. (stained with instant coffeec crystals in a cookie sheet for an hour, then carefully out to dry on paper grocery bags.......... I recommend instant tea as well)
                     3M spray adhesive (Super 77) super tacky protect your workspace!
                     ribbon, button and your favorite tacky craft glue to add them.
To Prepare:  just add your Spray a line of of doilies and start your assembly line. 
Add a daughter or friend, like I laugh and mi x well and lick, stamp and watch the fun grow!  
Here comes the bride.........August is coming soon and we are so excited over here!! 
Sending love for an excellent holiday weekend my friends.  XOXO
(Note: The close up invites looks a bit wrinkled.........this is not the adhesive..........but the coffee I spilled on it, my prototype before I made the rest.  They really turn out smooth and ironed looking actually:)              

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stephanie said...

And, I must say that these precious invites are even more beautiful and special when you see them in person! Miss u, friend...