Monday, April 23, 2012

Paintings Morph

Slowly, surely the paintings have morphed to this point. Fun! Fun! Who knows where they will go next?! Flora Bowley's class  (Bloom True) was a great experience and very fruitful for me at this point in the art journey. If you ever have a chance to take her class I highly recomment it!  Mindy Lacefield (paint your story)  is currently my crush and I'm sure I will share more of those fruits to come. Let's see........ and other fav artist inspiration right now, would have to be Seeing Mary E draw on her blog, Charlotte Lyons and her gorgeous fabric creations, and of course Sweet Rebecca  and a recent tutorial for us all with free motion stitching. Don't miss her Apron project for Haiti!  So grateful for this unending inspiration!  Yours too friend!  Leave a note with your blog so that I can share something you are doing as well. Sending Joy!  XO        

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Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh, hello, Cherie!
Just peeking in and see you have some new pics posted! These are just plain FUN! I love the colors you've chosen. Such dramatic changes to these fun to watch them unfold. Are your weeks flying by as quickly as mine? It won't be long....!!!!! xo, Sue