Friday, November 4, 2011

Twinkle face

Still a little face making........last night and today. Thinking of my sweet friend Sharon I lost this day 4 years ago. Funny how I wasn't thinking of her while making this facey girl, but somehow she fits. One of our last girl things was Sharon trying to talk me into dying my hair redish and cutting it short. I think she just wanted me to play and use my creative joy. Not a problem. Doing it, Sharon! I mean the creative thing, but NOT the hair thing. Anna said this girl looks like a pumpkin. I wonder if Sharon sees me like this punkin head girl? I wonder what she looks like now? I think we have those twinkles around our heads already, we just can't see them. I bet she has a lot of those! You do too, my friends! Sending Love and grace for the day. Have fun and Be yourself, ok?! XOXO

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