Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gentle Heart

So many of you agree I know. Hearts going out to Japan. Gentle prayers for all they have faced and for protection and provision of all that remains.

This canvas has a bit of celebration to it, but still I want to send that out. To celebrate what was, what is, and is to come.
Finding the good. We are so blessed.

Just look really, really hard sometimes. Eyes on the prize my friends! XO


Autumn said...

Beautiful sentiments, Cherie. Again, a beautiful piece from your current class. Are you going to hang these in your home? All together? Can't wait to see. xx,
Autumn Clark

paperbird said...

beautiful heartfelt words- yes... we are so very blessed. said...

Its a lovely piece.

La Verne said...

I took this class too, Love it!