Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Apron Fun!

Aprons should be fun, right?! This one, Pink and Green, just makes me so very happy.
Then the REAL fun started..... had and urge to buy a vintage slip for a while now. Last week was the perfect opportunity as I drove by one of the shops with a 20%off clothing sign. So here it is............just felt like it was waiting for me for some odd 40 years or so. Tags still on it, in perfect shape! I happened to stop into Lisa's shop Lola Rue yesterday and check out what I bought my paycheck with?! A Pink and Green bag to go with. There are two more in the same pattern there in her shop.....a little smaller in size but every bit as darling!!
No, I won't be wearing this slip out.........maybe not even wearing it in, but I loved the challenge Jenny offered here at THE ART OF THE DRESS and love the opportunities for creativity that it inspired in me. Now to go put the apron on and get some 4 or so canvases done that have a destination for this weekend. Hope you are playing/working and enjoying your aprons today too! Sending you Joy Dear Friends! XO


Jenny Doh said...

Oh Cherie, I love your humble pie apron. I can see how just looking at it makes you happy. It makes me happy from way over here! And the slip is too perfect. I bet you look cute as a button in the whole ensemble. Thanks for sharing. Jenny :)

Back At Ya Babe said...

Darling! I'm loving the green and pink. Makes me long for summer and gives me hope that it will be here. And that bag! I want to go to LolaRue!

Suz said...

Thank you for the joy you sent me in your wonderful note. I was so touched!
Big hugs,

June said...

I just had to come over from Lorraine's Paperbird to tell how sweet the little bracelet is that she won. You have the loveliest blog and the apron is sooo pretty.

paperbird said...

Cherie I LOVE your apron- the humble pie stitching is wonderful. I am an apron kind of girl!

I wore the bracelet this weekend and received SO many compliments- my LuLu has her eye on it, I am going to have to hide it from her or I will never see it again.
Thank you so much- I really do love it!

stephanie said...

Loving your apron all "prettied" up with Humble Pie stitched on it!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Pink and green are happy colors...i love them too! Adore that "humble pie" on the pocket!

What a fabulous find on that slip!!! It reminds me so much of my childhood. Slips were a mainstay of the wardrobe.