Sunday, January 16, 2011

It does a HEART good........... dream. To ponder the place of your hearts' desire and think on lovely things~ noble and pure, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy and so on and so on!
To think on this always, and especially n a week of a dear friends heartbreaking loss, and a little outpatient procedure that only gals of "my age" would have! Pooey, life gets messy sometimes!
But today we drove to the lake, we pondered lovely things and dreams~ just me and hubby. Took childhood beds out to our oldest girl. Married and a new house within the lakes view. It was just so good. We pulled up and there they were in the yard with their doggie Jake....stacking wood. And we went indoors to the smell of banana bread baking, warmed by the woodstove. Drinking iced tea out of mason jars and it was just so cozy. She wants a garden. He wants a boat dock. They have dreams. I loved it, and pondering that goodness all the way home. Their dreams and mine...ours. It's valuable. I really hope you give your mind some time for that this week. Desires of your heart! XOXOX


Shelley in SC said...

Can't even imagine how it must feel to have a daughter married and dreaming dreams. YOU are the one to be congratulated!! Well done, mama!!

Dara said...

I LOVE this!

Suz said...

You do such beautiful things! Love all the heart pieces. I see you are doing, too!

Autumn said...

Thank you for this wonderful, insightful post. xx

thetruevine said...

My heart is *yearning* for some time to dream. I hope, hope, hope I can carve out some time this weekend. Amidst all of the crises--big and little--I need to re-kindle my vision so I can keep on keepin' on! Thanks for posting this!

miss lynn said...

cherie -
you precious
you are
so the proverbs
31 gal!
your family
is blessed.

i love the
art you shared
here - did you
stamp the
dream tag?
i just got
some metal
stamps and
am trying to
figure them