Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Caught ....redhanded!

Yes Ma'am caught that is...........with a paintbrush at our scrapbook retreat this past weekend. It was all in fun and jokes, but I don't think I could have gone the whole weekend with out paints in hand with all seriousness! Does that mean I am addicted? My husband says it's gotta be the fumes. He is silly. Oh, from the looks of the picture I guess we are a good match! If I could dress up these photos with photo shop I would tell you the third one above is a number of us diehards that have been there 12 consecutive years` woo hoo!

And this picture is of our own little personal group. Some great gals here and our oustanding leader and friend Sandy. top center.

I always go in January to document our Christmas pictures with all the family and friends I can gather...........and sometimes my one and only scrapbooking chance for the year. Love it. it's funny how my scrapbook pages are always so clean and simple and then watch out when I shift gears and paints and journals come out! I Hope you all are having a creative week too my friends! Whether that is painting, cooking or rearranging a food pantry..........have fun creating your artful life this week! What a privlege. Sending love!

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Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

What a fun tradition! I used to be an avid scrapbooker....wish I'd kept up with it more. Glad to hear that you busted out of the mold and brought your paints to the shin-dig. There's always a rebel in every crowd, huh?!