Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take good care

Remember the envoy's from my earlier post? Here they are with a message I purchased at Curious Sofa on my way to my first Silver Bella. Reminds me of how Words are so powerful. Here's a message from Melody Ross as well, that I think we could all benefit from. I hope your heart is touched and your words are good and kind......I expect much of the same at Silver Bella too this week..........oh my, I think I am taking this little cross stitch a little too seriously....haven't packed a thing............off I go! See you all real soon. Sending Love! XO


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

SCREAM OUT LOUD! Throughout my childhood, we had a precious little framed lithograph print in an old antique frame of this poem hanging on the wall in our kitchen! My older sister now has it hanging in her home in Arizona. But I know that poem by heart. I have always kept my eyes peeled while out antiquing hoping to one day find that same lithographed print...it's only about 5x7...Too precious that you too would be drawn to its sweet message! HAVE A BLAST AT SILVER BELLA! I'm so envious & can't wait to see all the fun that will get posted in bloggie-world about the event! Xo, Sue

Cherie Wilson said...

Yikkkkes! Will keep my eyes peeled dearest Sue!! There has to be one out there just waiting just for you:) Thankyou and others for sweet words to send me off on this Silver Bella adventure. There are several great art events these days and I encourage you all to take wings and fly if you can! If not, some great online classes are happening too. take good care! XXOO