Monday, November 8, 2010


Loved this new technique with Art fiber paste by Golden. A stucco kind of look. The words were so sweet to convey from these great Childrens book pages. I had to look up the word ENVOY and was really blessed to find that is means "messenger". I'm in love with birds and creatures in the wild.........and they seem to find me at just the right moment. Messengers. Always looking for the next one! I hope you have a super time looking for yours as well. They sure do scurry about preparing for Winter these days! Me.... I am preparing for Silver Bella. Oh so fun:)
Sending Love this Monday my friends! XO


Shelley in SC said...

I especially love the second one down!! That one just tugged at my heartstrings : )!! Have a wonderful time at Silver Bella.

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh sweet, Cherie! I thought these were journal pages when you gave us the first little peek. I'm with you on nature being such sweet messengers and the charm that is often found in these old children books. Love the texture of this product on these pages too! Xo, Sue