Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's been all about breathing lately:) I mean it's inspiring when a word comes at you over and over again...........and you just have to have your antennae up and search it out! We were talking last night..........the
cute Monday night girls and I.........about breathing. That it is the first thing a new baby does, and the last thing that happens before dying. It is so simple, yet so profound, this breathing. We normally do it without really thinking about it much, yet it is LIFE! God first breathed life into Adam.....and so He breathes in us. I love the above stamp I had purchased from Jenny Doh's website. Lots of good breathing in and out going on there too. Breathe Deeply my friends!


Autumn said...

Exactly! This is the best little stamp. I love the layout you assembled too.
Autumn Clark

Hope said...

How artfully beautiful! I love your new stamp. I am going to check out some from her sight. Hope you are enjoying the cool fall weather....now if only some rain.

natalie said...

What a lovely stamp! I have been thinking a lot about that word recently too...And looking at things with a different and even more thankful perspective! xoxo