Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet Lindsay

Sweet Monday night girl Lindsay and I agreed that we were starving for some today, with just a couple of hours, we did just that! I love how all out creative Lindsay is and how she just dumped out all the bling .........right off the bat~ get this party started! Of course we had bits and baubles to share and trade. She gave me the sweet cross on the necklace above that I started. (Grace is wearing it until I finish) The bracelet is Lindsay's from another creative day. This Sophomore in college is super artfully talented don't you think?? Hey girl, when you see this send me a picture of the necklace you made today too.....K? I mean on the computer.....I just dont' know how to use the one you sent me on the phone! It is way cool. We really tried to do something different from our usual jewlery thing and I think it was surely a success. Of course it was fun to feed off each other, oh so fun!! This girl has a lot of gifts! I do so enjoy her, and her sweet spirit! I hope to showcase all of these Monday night girls......sprinkled here and there in blogland this Fall. Creative wings to all you dear friends as well! XO

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Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh yes! LOVING that bracelet and the start of the necklace you've shown. Beautiful work...such yummy, yummy sights for the eyes! It's so ironic that you posted this on the 19th as my daughter and I were sifting through beads and baubles at a store on the very day this post published! I came home and made another little bauble from my stash of beads to give to her. It's always so heartwarming to see the creativity spill from our children, isn't it?! Also had to giggle on the note to daughter...I tried repeatedly to download a photo sent to my phone only to learn that on my phone there is no way to send it to a computer! First time ever that my incompetence was not directly related to my own lack of techie skills. LOL! Xo, Sue