Monday, August 2, 2010

Stinky, sweaty, hot and fun. We love our small town fair. Many fairs have "upgraded" or gotten big. Big shows, big money. I really just realized this year what a blessing it is to have something in my life that really hasn't changed.
It's a reminder of the simple life, simple friends, and simple fun that life has to offer. I am praying that you have a simple week whatever that means to you dear friends! XO


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

You look adorable in those piggie-tails! Love it! There is something so wholesome and refreshing to small town living...and how fun that one of "your girls" gets to wear the crown. What a cutie pie!

Lisa said...

Our fair just ended today...whew! Our kids enter everything from poultry and horse to sewing and photography, so we've been a busy bunch around here. And our fair is like yours, very simple and, in many ways, stable and unchanging (well, except that we now have air conditioning in the poultry barn -- and I won't argue with that!). :-)