Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Town, Big inspiration!

We might live in a small town, but I have found nothing lacking in the inspiration department.
Check out dear Lisa's shop and her $100 giveaway. Just go to her blog and post here .
I hope you win! Lola Rue and Company is a quaint but power packed boutique downtown on 10th and college. Bloomington, Indiana. Always fresh, always inspiring. Cute Kelly O'dell helps too. Of course Hope, Steph and I sell things here as well. So very fun. I'll post some more this weekend about fun small town inspiration. These are images from a year ago, so you might not get your hopes up to gain these with your winnings..........but you get the idea. Yummy!
More on our small town inspiration in a day or two. Happy August weekend friends! XO


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

I remember this shop from an earlier post! Saw lots of wonderful yummy things! My favorite was that tufted couch in creams and taupes. Sigh. How about you throw it in your car and bring it to me?! LOL! I envy you big time for getting to live in a smaller town. {It's on my wish list.} There really is something special about that type of existence. Of course, I would imagine that things pick up significantly {traffic, etc.} when the University is in session! Are you a die-hard Hoosier fan?!! Xo, Sue

Cherie Wilson said...

Yes, you nailed it ~things are about to "pick up" around here. I love some of the opportunities that the University offers, but we're not big sports enthusiasts. One of my daughters is, and I just enjoy watching her enthusiasm:)
Uh oh, that couch is sold from Lola Rue......but alas she has another fainting chair if you are feeling a little swoonish! I'll post more on the "home town" thing soon! Thanks for asking Sue! You are a doll and dear to me.