Friday, August 20, 2010


Don't you love that card??
Sweet treat in the mail today from Jo Packman.
She has given me gratitude.
She is the dear gal that spoke last year at Silver Bella.
Jo is the talented publisher, entrepreneur, photo stylist, author and designer who is
the creator of of Where Women Create.
She is an inspiring and welcoming advocate for Artists all over the United States.
Her sweet note and generosity blesses me so today!
Funny how I have been pondering how much gratitude inspires me.
I am motivated by others generosity, but mostly my own gratitude fuels me.
It not only drives me, it heals me in some ways.
This gift started with Karen Valentine
and her generous party for all of us with a place to share our creative spaces.
Wow there were so many great ones!
In fact, I just realized that Karla Nathan, another Silver Bella babe
was selected by Jo for a feature in her magazine. Awesome!
I won the above bracelet in a drawing from Karen's party, where Bloggers Create.
This gift keeps giving. It' s not over yet.... stay tuned for a HumblePie designs giveaway!
You inspire me dear friends!!


Stephanie O. said...

pretty..pretty!! said...

Thanks, I was honored to be picked, there were some amazing studios shown in the party!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Very thoughtful post, Cherie! I especially loved the line about "our own" gratitude being inspiring...a great thought to ponder and ACT on. Love your insightful little nuggets of wisdom! Adorable bracelet and card, you WINNER, YOU! I might add the words "and coffee" to the card=)Always fun to peek in...
XO, Sue

Sandi said...

Love that card--and what beautiful jewelry. Lucky you!