Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good things

Some days.... some weeks just need me to feed my creative self. Where I explore and move forward. Not as the world does, but as my soul yearns. I probably will do the same today. Being gentle with self this day. Hope you are too!
Resting in the way you are led to. Remember to check out the bible study by Melissa here ~She posted one of my top 5 songs yesterday. Her words are timely and true. Being fed up really good by Teresa here as well. Good stuff dear friends! Blessings and gentleness to you. Do what you can to feed your soul good things today!


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh my, Cherie! These glorious soul feedings of yours makes me want to grab some snippets of this and that and begin stitching away. I love, love, love, the flavor and visual yumminess of what you've got going here. Also HOWLED at the baby boy Trueman cupcake story. I think there are spiritual lessons to be learned from these little pups who gorge themselves on what looks so appealing at the time...however....
we both know the end results!
Happy quiet time to you...was hoping to do the same and just found out a 5 day visitor is flying in today. A good friend of my son's who moved away but is coming for a visit. Has standby flying privileges so it is often a last minute surprise! That means packs of hungry teens will be cycling in out of my home for the next five days. Not to even mention the sleepovers...can I get a raincheck on that rest thing?!! Xo, Sue

Whosyergurl said...

You have LOTS of good stuff!
hug you,

Shelley in SC said...

I especially LOVE that first picture . . . "laugh" and all the goodies that go along with it. So visually delightful. Makes me smile : )!

natalie said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

A Happy for you Friend! said...

YIPPEE SKIPPEE! Just peeking at my google reader and Karen {My Desert Cottage} just announced all the winners for the drawing on WBC! How appropriate that your latest post is entitled "Good Things" as I see someone's name on the list that I recognize!!! Couldn't happen to a sweeter person!