Thursday, May 13, 2010

So very excited

Anna and I have been practicing much, but I had to sneak a minute away from practice and prep time for the upcoming Xalted event (see sidebar). Just wanted to tell you about a sweet moment while out walking/jogging today...... (I call it bouncing really, too fast for walking ~too slow for a run! ha! ) Well now on to story:)...... I had a sweet bird swoop down in from behind me, and his little friend chasing right behind~ and I commented to God how wowed I was at this scene right in front of me! Just then I sensed a sweet whisper .........."oh yeah? Well just watch THIS!!!"
I'm truely anxious with great expectation of His showing off at this teen event called Xalted this weekend. He is so faithful and fun. Holy and Humorous. Divinely inspired today.
He is so good...........a little showy, but good:) Have to love it! Love to all of you too. If I haven't responded to email, please forgive........will be back soon! XO

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Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Cherie, This is a beautiful photo of you and your little girl [who's not so little anymore...huh?] Hope your event was everything you hoped and prayed it would be!!! xo Sue