Monday, May 17, 2010

Lipstick Art

Oh my I needed this laugh! I looked down this morning to my empty tube of favorite lipstick and got the biggest chuckle. Thankyou God for humoring me this morning as well as nudging me with those deeper truths. Decompressing after that all out Xalted event last night. So many blessings..........hope you enjoy the flowers too:)
PS~ there wasn't any lipstick showing but when I stuck the flowers in, there was just enough that they actually are steady. Wow~don't you adore exploring art?! It can be so simple. .......... I can make it so hard:) XO


Hope Ellington said...

Things are so pretty over here! Oh my goodness...lipstick flower frogs....only you with your artful soul could think of that. So fun and beautiful all rolled into one. Anna so pretty for Xalted....your faithful heart keeps me going. I am proud of your devotion and your beautiful love of your friends. I am blessed to be one.

Shelley in SC said...

This is absolutely adorable! Gave me a big smile : )!

stephanie said...

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!