Sunday, November 8, 2009

Zero in on the dream

Enjoying the view to my
little slice of heaven!
Oh little playmate, come out and play with me, and bring your dolly's three........beneath the apple tree........

Just a bit more to peek at in the new art room.....
a lovely spot of mine......that I can't get to use since I am downstirs helping hubby do the rest...........sigh! But alas there is creativity in the air with a second chance at going to Silver Bella this year! It's a creative time in Omaha with classes and junking. Going with my local junky friends Lisa Orme and Hope Ellington, and last but not the least of my blogger buddies, Stepahnie Oyler !! So many more ladies we met last year to hook up with. I'm sure I will post more on them when I get back. For now, I'll say goodnight gracie and spend the next two days getting things and people around here organized and ready to go. Looking forward to all that this artful Silver Bella community has to share with one another. Aww, that dream harvesting I talked about a few posts ago! How about you?? What dream are you working and playing on right now??? God bless!

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