Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Art Room peek

I thought you might enjoy a look at my art room and some ribbon inspiration. The whole space is being revamped.....flooring and all. In fact, my whole life feels like that right now! Quite honestly I have been blue! I think it is important to be authentic so I don't want anyone reading to assume everything is easy in this artful/heartful life.
I read this quote today from Stormie O'martian. "....we think that dependency is a sign of weakness, instead of understanding that it signals our willingness to allow God to be strong in us." From her book "Just enought light for the step I am on." (Thanks Anjie!)
Ok, then..............I'm willing!! All signals out here. Green lights are on for God today, girls!
Just know if you aren't feeling strong, He is.
He knows it, and He cares. Being Still and waiting on His strength. Monday prayers for wellness for you and your loved ones too,dear friends!

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