Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recycle December Journal

You might have seen the 2012 November Anthropologie Catalog, and if so, this probably looks familiar!
Anna and I have been passing this back and forth on the coffee table for weeks, doodling around in this sweet advertisment, so inspired by all the blank white spaces. I noticed someone else doing this online and then saw others documenting their December journal style and knew these two had to meet!
I  am simply printing off pictures from the month onto copy paper in wallet sizes and found some good use for my washi tape addiction. Doodle, stamp and voila!  December from the heart style~ adding favorite words that the images inspire!
Note~ I will still make my traditional Christmas family gatherings scrapbook post Christmas for the 15th year...........the one scrapooking time to meet with old friends and document the precious time.  This book is less documentary and plain ole artsy heart fun.
Oh and note also that ink takes a bit longer to dry on this book if you happen to use it and other slicker magazine style pages to recycle. I use StazOn ink. 

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Stacy McGinnis said...

What a great idea! I sure do hate throwing beautiful catalogs away!