Monday, November 19, 2012

Upside/Down {5}

Starting with the "down" side of this weekend........hmmmm all I could think of is that I didn't have enough time to shop in Chicago's two story Dick Blick store!!!  My husband might disagree with this one.
My peeps on the city streets taking it all in was such an "up"!! We had a great time together this trip.

The Historical Palmer House was pure lovliness in all it's original form and now Christmas decor. We have stayed here before.  A little farther out than the Magnificent mile, but near the art institute.  So sad to not go there (oops, that is a down for sure)
and of course the shopping "Up".  I am still amazed at the designers shops. Hadn't visited them before....may not again, unless just to ooogle, HOWEVER when I saw this beauty marked down from $248 (yep, can you believe that?!) to $60 in th Juicy store and I took the bite!  Is is the granny crochet that I have been looking for. Eeek! How excited I was............a treasure waitng on me.  I hope you find one or two this week too my friends!  Whether in family, or outings or little pieces that make you feel pretty.  XOXO  

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