Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Inside out and upside down

I love how recently, friends (Rebecca and Charlotte) have done blog posts of inside and oustide each day.  Because it's a little difficult for me to blog authentically right now, and because I would like to keep blogging............I've decided to blog my take on that, and call it UP side, Down.  Because I want to focus on the good things each day, and also acknowledge the hard things too.  We all do them everyday!  I hope you will join me and list your Daily Up and your daily down..........sort of like saying the highlight and low point of the day..........like we would say at dinnertime, or bedtime perhaps. 

Um, yes....the DOWN side around here today. Messy. Relationships are sometimes.

Color is UP! I enjoy color so very much in my art.  My home is a little different. It's much more subdued and natural looking. I'll share more of that soon too.
For now, Thanks for stopping by and hope you will join me with your comments or emails.
Life is for real!  sending love!xoxox   

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