Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canvas tutorial

This is a very simple project using childrens vintage story book papers and a few words of your own version of the story to go with. Anything your heart can come up with!

And a little fiber paste and acrylic paint of your own color choice of course..........

Mix well and.............

Smooth the fiber paste to your own desired texture all over the canvas and sides too if you like!

While the canvas is still wet, gently push the papers you have chosen and or typed as I did here into the thick wet surface. No adhesive is necessary if you sink them and smooth them a bit. If you accidentally nick the fiber paint you have applied, just smooth with your putty scraper.

Add beads, vintage flowers and small embellishments that can be pressed into the fiber paste.

She knew that the wind and the waves pushing and pulling at her would only make her stronger.


Whosyergurl said...

Thanks for showing us how to use the fiber paste! I've never seen it used before and I like the effect!
xo, Cheryl

Linda said...


Katie said...

Thanks for the tip momma! I cant wait to try this! :)