Thursday, October 20, 2011

Class photos

Fun class photos of the art journaling experience from last Friday. It is such a joy to teach and watch the unfolding, and I am so inpsired by these women! I do hope it is something that they will be able to use as I have. Art journaling has been a very valuable thing to me in so many different ways. Not only is it a safe and necessary place to work things out, but also a fertile place for art project inspiration, for connection as it was this night, and for de-stressing, energizing, and finding my center again. Some days Art journaling is a lifesaver, and other days it is a place to savor life! I just love Art Jouranling. Sending a little hug your way for whatever makes your heart sing today too, my friends! XO


Hope said...

So love the journaling in your books. When is the next doodle session? We had life story. Maybe I can get to one. Loving my creating time these days. Organized and am able to take small segments of time to just 'do'.

Karla Steele said...

Just catching up with your blog. Your journals and creations look so beautiful! Missing you gals from Indiana!