Monday, February 7, 2011

....a day unwrapped part Two.........

So my last post was that beautiful gift wrapped day..........and because I want to blog authentically my friends, I have to just say then the next was all "unwrapped". The kind where you can't put your finger on it, but you know from the start it's a messy one. Maybe I had a bad attitude from the start.
This day we began to look for a dress for my theatre girl, Anna. You can can call her "Wendy" as in Peter Pan. Not a good day in Never Never Land. In fact, I decided I never, never want to go there again. Vintage shop after shop (should be fun, right???!!!) and all the thrift stores we could find...............nothing but my and her bad attitude. I had to stop. WE had to regroup.....we had to go to the fabric store and it was there I discovered I needed to give her wings. Gently, I needed to show her my wings and then hers......She picked out a sweet pattern ....lilac fabric....long flowing skirt. I showed her how to read a pattern package to find what she needed......she had an opinion on Zippers....yes, she does sew some too.........and we listened to each other and made a plan. We both agreed we needed to just ask Grandma to do this because we need it fast and she is super seamstress with not lots to do this week. We are so grateful for her ready and willing wings too.
Like I said, I never want to go there again, (any chance of that happening?!)not about the dress hunting~ but the fact that my day started in dread and I wasn't patient. Bad attitude. Really . But we learned. We talked about it too, later the next day. It's ok.....we found our wings.
Life is such a fertile learning ground, and thankfully the unwrapped days teach us. It's a journey! Wishing you a week filled with more wrapped days than uwrapped ones dear friends!


LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh I love the words and your art piece here. How well I remember raising two daughters and how my own attitude affected how they reacted in a day's time. I think God gives us children so we can become a better person our self.

Keep flying Cherie! That is what you were designed to do.

♥Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

I do believe that what God is teaching me right now is that everything, everything--whether wrapped or unwrapped--is a gift. Everything. If I have any joy, it is a gift. If I have any patience, it is a gift. The grace to keep on keepin' on is a gift. God is teaching me about His gifts in the *living* out of this life of gifts. And your blog posts always contribute positively to my "lessons." :-)

Back At Ya Babe said...

I'm in a Bible Study right now called "Lord Change My Attitude"...I'm right there with you friend. Love your way.

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Funny how any parent alive {or even slightly checked-in} can relate to this post!!! And the best part? I love how you revisited the experience the next day. A little distance between the episode and the talk can make a big difference in receptiveness...very wise, Cherie!

Love the pages too....Xo, Sue

Sami Jo said...

It's amazing how God teaches us little lessons... if we listen.

I have a hard time doing that part :)

Hugs, SJ

Christine said...

Oh yes, I agree.... when I look back and see I start with a less than happy attitude, when I see how it affects the people I love... I never want to go back to that place. Here is to living, learning and growing. I loved this post.