Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thankyou for making a difference

Manna for Haiti was our focus this year for our Christmas tea at South Union Church. Helping near and far.......... Not too late to make your donation at Manna for Haiti here .
Shelly Weiss (second from right) has a long time passion for the Haitians and making an incredible difference. Can't believe how I have seen this grow into feeding those kids she witnessed eating mudpies to feeding hundreds these days. She tells us $9.00 feeds 144 kids. This girl has plans for LOTS more too! Love her heart.
If you are familiar with Rebecca Sower you know she is making a difference for the Haitian women at Haiti by Hand here. Teaching and supplying means for them to use their crafting skills to provide for their families. Love her heart too!! Sweet Rebecca has a short story to share on this blog and items to purchase as well to support her passion as well. My heart is encouraged this Christmas by women who make a difference. I know you all do in some way or another in and around your world and I want you to know it matters and it does not go unnoticed by dear sweet friends!! I hope you will consider reaching outward to one of these causes if you haven't had a chance to. Christmas hugs and kisses to you friends! XOXO

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paperbird said...

Beautiful post Cherie.
Thank you so much for the kind words you left my way concerning the kitty auction. I was SO happy with it's outcome.
So many good hearts out there!

Sweet blessings for a wonderful new year.