Monday, December 27, 2010

Colorful Week to you!

Hope you all had a colorful Christmas and maybe even opened some new art supplies, like I did! LOVE them:)

I've been thinking a lot about all the stories at Christmas. Stories behind everything we do........right down to the things we wear or purchase even. Our lives are one big book with lots of Chapters.

Even this set of crayons came with a story........ Hubby bargaining with a guy to get the best price painfully according to the 13 year old co-shopper. I doubt she will forget this one for a while:)

Don't underestimate your story and don't think for one minute the good and the bad were without value or purpose.

I hope you will consider making an art journal...or simply a word journal for 2010........maybe check out Art Saves by Jenny Doh or Brave Girls for a new online course. Your story matters! It helps to write it out and ponder it.............share it some or all. We are all in this together sweet friend.

Have a marvelous week celebrating 2010 and your beautiful vision for 2011.


Whosyergurl said...

*giggle* does Hubby know that in America we usually are not able to bargain? We usually have to pay the price that is asked? Good for him if he was able to get them to lower the price!
I rec'd a Kelley Rae journal that I will be art journaling in!
XO, Cheryl

Hope said...

I love the new colors! They are so inspiring....I can't wait to get creative in 2011....wait....there are a few more days in 2010!

paperbird said...

Those are the best- have so much fun creating with them!