Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas will come........

Maybe it was the year I had a baby on Christmas Eve, or maybe the grieving one after loosing my friend, or then there was the time that I had to buy some gently used things off of people in order to give my young girls Christmas presents. Oh how about today, as we cut a piece of an upstairs wall out to get to a broken furnace......just home from a trip and a mound of laundry, No matter, I know that with, or without that Christmas will come. So grateful. This is what I do for Christmas..........I wait with anticipation. Each year is different. I wait on what is there for me for that specific season in my life. Gifts of Love, Patience, Hope, Joy and on and on!! One year it was a dollhouse many years ago...........but this year?? No matter what, Christmas will come and sometimes that is all we need to know girlfriends. Enjoy the Christmas journey! XO


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Cherie, Yes. We can recount the Christmases Past with major milestones in our lives, can't we? The bitter and the sweet. My humanness would prefer ONLY the sweet, however. But we know it takes walls cut out!!! Then there will be the sanding of sheetrock {pretend that it's a light dusting of snow!!!!}

I CANNOT seem to get in the spirit of decorating, baking...but Christmas will come, ready or not! Sure hope that furnace is working or you'll be forced to jump on the next ship heading to warmer waters! Xo, Sue

Whosyergurl said...

I am remembering a grieving Christmas today. Four years ago today I lost my dearest friend, my maternal Grandma. I was numb and remember watching as lights were lit and carols were sung and I watched in disbbelief as Christmas came as it always does. I thought "don't you know?"
This will be a quiet Christmas without my children this year. My son was just here and I will see my daugher in January.
My life has been way too crazy lately. This will be a quiet, restful Christmas.
Lovely post. XO, Cheryl

TheEccentricLady said...

I'm really glad I read this post today. I really don't want to decorate for Christmas this year. I don't want to participate in the partying. We foreclosed on our house of 15 years and will have to move out in Jan. I am closing my photography business and looking for a new job. My brother-in-law is dying of cancer and we just lost a friend of many years suddenly this past week. I do not have a bad attitude. I am grateful and hopeful but I just want to celebrate the fact that Christ was born and because of that I have hope. Gifts, decorating and parties just don't fit in this year. You helped me feel better that some years it is OK for it to be different. I wish you a peaceful Christmas