Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love is...........

Still so much to share with you of Silver Bella.........I hope you are ok with it all! For those who haven't seen this in blogland yet, I wanted to share the "LOVE" chapter swap. For this swap, 14 of us who were randomly assigned a portion of 1 Corinthians 13:14 and on.... Mine was "Love is not rude". So we all began our little art and heart journey into the assigned portion. I was blessed by the talent and hearts of these women, especially the hostesses...with the mostesses....of Love that is!!! Check out these sister's Karla and "Miss" Lynn pictured above. Two adorable girls I just couldn't get enough of. Downright good as gold, I tell you!! Miss them already. Miss Lynn posts and lists names of these artists here as well. Loved how the art and relationships just came about with this swap so easily.
Thinking of you all ~Feel the Love dear friends!!
I dedicate this Love post to my sweet friend Cassie who lost her house this past week. She is doing well and keeping Joy. Amazes me, this Love thing!


Shelley in SC said...

These photos should be made into a collage in the order that they appear in the First Corinthians!! I love the meaning and the whimsy and the art all wrapped up in one. Enchanting!!

thetruevine said...

I *loved* this swap. No joke! :-)

natalie said...

These are all so beautiful!! I hope your family had a blessed Thanksgiving! Xoxo Nat

So sorry to hear about your friend's scary, but glad that they are all well.

Kris said...

You did such a beautiful job of photographing each ornament that I simply linked to you from my blog. I am still marveling at these beauties!

miss lynn said...

you are the
sweetest thing,
guess what!?
i couldn't
wait till valentine's
and already have
the love ornaments
draped across the
picture window
in my living room!!!

smiles and loves -

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

THESE are the greatest!!! Everyone's creation is so unique and beautiful. What a treasured collection! I adore the expression on that little girl's face. Just perfect for the "love is not rude"...precious way you put her together, Cherie!

Autumn said...

What a wonderful collection!