Friday, October 8, 2010

Hey hey, Cinderella!

What a good thing it is to get my Cinderellas together........ and oh those Princes:) They were all here, at Farm restaurant downtown for my oldest Cinderella's birthday last night. 27, really?! Love you Katie! You were a very good start to my own little fairy tale life and I treasure you dearly. ALL my Girls!! Gems in my crown. Really we all are Cinderella's aren't we? A royal diadem in the Lord's crown the Bible says. Have a truely magical weekend Cinderellas! Any of you Princes, too........ we appreciate your good care of us and the kingdom too:) XO


Anonymous said...

Thank you Momma! I love you! xoxo

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh Cherie! What a beautiful family! And how special that you could all be together to celebrate such a special event. Happy belated birthday wishes to your precious Katie! Where do the years go?! Xo, Sue