Friday, October 15, 2010


Stand in the light of that that spendor and enjoy a word from Sheri Rose here

She is a former miss USA who knows her true worth. Loved hearing her speak last weekend. the funny thing was, that I left the chalkboard message for my Anna before leaving town for that talk from Sheri...........then bought Sheri's devotion book, and well, I guess whether you are into the Princess thing or not, I don't mind wearing a crown. In fact, I think it is mighty fine. Hope you have yours on this weekend dear friends!! Love!!

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Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Ha ha! We seemed to have been on the same wave length of thinking of Cinderella at this particular point in time! Sounds like you attended a feast for the soul! These are always so uplifting and challenge us right where we need it. So happy for you! Hugs to you sweet friend, Xo, Sue