Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boring folders? I think not!

Paint acrylics on outer side of a folder or two and let it dry. I know, hard, huh?? Cut your papers, scalloping them by hand. Nothing too perfect. Don't even have to think too hard about colors. Just pick the ones you like. Now the glue!
Hint: close the folder before wrapping around the paper to the back. Add words.......hearts, etc. I will too!

This simple project is so for you, my colorful friends!
I was Inspired by Melody Ross and her 5 gallon bucket, but didn't have one early today when I saw her blog post. Sooooo I wasn't surprised when these 15 cent folders hopped in my grocery cart today and said "use me!" oh please Check out Melody and sign up for her daily Brave Girls truth's sent to your email. Each and everyone is just perfect truth to your soul.
Enjoy your day, colorful ones! You make me smile:)

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thetruevine said...

Dear Cherie,

I was inspired by this idea, so: http://thetruevine.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/a-little-project/

Love, Lisa