Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art lately

These are just results of an itch I have had to scratch lately. Mostly this past rainy weekend.
Thought you might enjoy the artful eye candy:) Check out the green seaglass I have wrapped for a bracelet for my friend Blue. She and her son found a treasure trove of this on the beach recently and I was truely inspired to create with it. Yes, I love it when I itch like this! I think when I itch this bad that I am working out something in my heart. It's a good thing:) Tell me what you are itching for right now. Happy itchy day my friends.........I mean that in the bestest way:)


Stephanie O. said...

Wow....Love all that you created. I imagine that Blue will love the seaglass. She's such a fun lady, isn't she???

Shelley in SC said...

Beautiful creations. Seaglass is a special love of mine. So dreamy and mysterious! I've missed being in Blogland for several weeks but am back now and enjoying visiting all my favorite spots. Did you finish "So Long, Insecurity"? That book really made an impact on me. Would love to know what you thought!