Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perseverance at my art desk

I love this new art journal page that shows Perseverance hanging on to Hope.....and vice verca! Notice that "ever" is in the middle of perseverance. I wish you forever stick-to-it perseverance girlfriends. Where Perseverance and Hope are best friends. They can do anything together! Wishing you perseverance in dreams and struggles all the same. Enjoy my messy art desk today and Feel the artful hug~ K?!! XO


Maija said...

I need that artful hug!! The journaling rocks!!!

Hope Ellington said...

Thanks for the hug! I wish my desk was as 'messy' as yours! NOT very messy Cherie! I will miss you at breakfast today...but have fun with your love. Your journaling is so are a talented and special lady. I love you.

Suz said...

Love your art desk, too.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely! Your drawings are so pretty!