Sunday, October 18, 2009

Found treasures

Went on that anniversary outing this weekend! While it was only 30 hours long. The trip with Hubby to Tennessee and back.......shew..........was fun and productive. We picked out new flooring after several weeks of not knowing what to get, and I, myself enjoyed a little jaunt to Historic Clarksville. Here are some of my goodies from Artifacts emporium that was just above Hodgepodge which was another fun store we visited. Check out Woofus the dog~published in 1944~ It has real fuzz on the doggie on all the pages!! Awwww Life is good in the fast lane this weekend. And what will I do with that woofus book?! Not sure yet, but the night before Christmas will be something darling in Lola Rue very soon for the Christmas Open House on November 7th. Mark your calendars! XO

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Kendall Welsh said...

Thanks for the ARTifacts & Hodgepodge plugs & for stopping by! Glad we could help you find some fun little supplies during your trip! And glad I have a new blog to follow for ideas & inspirations!