Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankyou, thankyou prayerful friends!! It's amazing to see and feel the power of prayer at work. I told my precious praying friend Anjie that the Sharon's fundraiser day felt like a beautiful flower unfolding all day long. Then, as I left the blessed event, and came out into the parking lot with Anna ~there before us, was this most beautiful glowing pink sky with a beautiful view from the top of this huge hill we were on. Just a reminder to us all, As we let the beauty unfold it is sometimes tender and yet, the view from the top of the mountain on the other side is breathtaking! One that only God could orchestrate! Have an amazing Sunshine day and Sunset evening precious ladies! Thankyou all for your thoughtful comments on near and dear day!


Hope Ellington said...

Well if that isn't the sweetest...prayerful...inspiring post ever. I know God makes skies for us....blessings abound~Hope

Hope Ellington said...

I can't believe I forgot to mention the sweet thank-you note posted...I won a set of these and they are so sweet. Cherie...your talents never cease to amaze me!

Cherie Wilson said...

YOU inspire me dear Hope! Glad you like them..........Gratitude is a word I keep thinking these days.
XO Blessings